Atto primo

In the language of music, atto primo refers to the first act. Atto primo connects outstanding leading personalities. Atto primo comes first.

The members of Atto primo celebrate the beginning of each season with a festive dinner behind the scene. Several social events throughout the year offer opportunities to meet old friends and connect with new faces. At four premieres carefully selected for Atto primo, you are invited to a champagne reception and an exclusive introduction to the work.

Atto primo

__is a circle of people who take responsibility for social and cultural life in Switzerland and support the Zurich Opera House both ideally and financially.

__offers committed entrepreneurs and leading personalities a noble setting to enjoy the arts.

__creates opportunities for exchange and encounters with each other and with artists.

__makes a substantial contribution to the financing of the opening premiere of each season through the annual contributions of its members.

__is a circle limited to no more than 100 members, which was founded in March 2O18 and currently has over fifty members.

The Board

Sabine Kohler, President
Founder & Managing Partner, Board Boutique GmbH

Veit de Maddalena, Vice-President
Professional Board Member

Tino Gaberthüel, Actuary
Partner, Lenz & Staehelin

Jan Kollros, Treasurer
Managing Partner, adbodmer ag

Sascha Stahl
Managing Director, adbodmer ag

Sabine Turner, Marketing & Events
Marketing Director, Opernhaus Zürich